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Materials Distribution

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Due to a Fast Forward initiative Materials Distribution will no longer maintain an inventory of office supplies.  As inventory is depleted items will be removed from Materials Distribution Online Ordering System (MDOOS).   Materials Distribution still maintains a limited inventory consisting of batteries, campus envelopes, cleaning supplies, packing supplies, paper cups, plastic cutlery and other miscellaneous items.  Please call Noni Kinard x1940 or Melissa Yandon x2446 for further information.

Materials Distribution On-Line Ordering System (MDOOS) is a shopping cart system similar to other web-based applications with which you may be familiar. The system features images of stock items, email notifications, the ability to order non-inventory items, and to view and print a complete price list. For more information:

Warehouse Services

Warehouse Services is responsible for receiving all incoming shipments to the University ordered through the Purchasing Office and to record and distribute these shipments to University departments in a timely manner. Any exceptions to the direct receipt of shipments require the approval of the University's Director of Business and Facilities Maintenance Services. A shipment which Warehouse Services cannot physically handle because of size, weight, or for any other reason, as determined by the Director, may require special handling and the associated costs of such special handling will be charged to the requisitioning department.

Warehouse Services is open for deliveries between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, except University holidays. Unloading of a shipment is the responsibility of the vendor and receipt is not completed until the entire shipment is placed on the receiving dock. Acceptance is not completed until shipment is received by the requisitioning department.

This department is authorized to receive, store, release, and charge for University warehoused items. All items for warehousing must be properly tagged and identified on an accompanying written report which includes the following information: complete description of the item or items to be warehoused, length of desired warehousing time, special warehousing instructions, and the identities of the responsible department and individual in charge of item or items. The charge for warehousing depends on the amount and type of space required and the nature of the item to be warehoused. A request for warehouse space must be made prior to the delivery of the item. No item will be accepted without prior notice. Acceptance of an item is at the discretion of the director.

This department is responsible for the destruction of printed confidential material. All confidential material to be destroyed must be in uniformly-sized cartons no larger than 12.5" x 10.5" x 16" or placed in a confidential shredding bin. The charge for this service includes pickup from the department, transportation, and destruction. To make arrangements to obtain a confidential shredding bin, or for cost estimates and pickup, call extension 1940. To request services such as shipping, shredding, and storage you can use the online Ship Form.


This department is authorized to implement and monitor the University's waste recycling methods and procedures. For policy clarification, call extension 1940 or the Operation Separation Hotline at 453-2870, or visit their web site:
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